The Number One Sportswear Trend for 2022: Comfort!

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Sportswear and casual wear follow trends just like other attire, but one thing has continued to have a huge focus – comfort! Whether you are hitting the hiking trails, lounging at home, going on vacation, or anything else that you don’t need to get dressed up for, you still want to look great, but comfortable sportwear could be first on your list of objectives. Does this mean you have to sacrifice everything else? Absolutely not! And this brings us to other 2022 trends in sportwear:

  • Vibrant colors and patterns- You’ll be seeing plenty of graphic prints on sportswear this year, including everything from kaleidoscope patterns to large florals. There is even quite a bit of interest in vintage styles as we see some returning styles from the 60s, 70s, and even the 90s.


  • Easy care- Being comfortable also means not struggling to get your sportwear cleaned properly, so you’ll find plenty of options that even pack for vacation easily, and you won’t often see a “dry clean only” tag.
  • A bit daring- Sportwear can be a bit flirty, too! Think shoulder and other cutouts to show off your summer tan, bare midriffs, and high hemline slits on casual dresses.
  • Versatile- You will also see a fair amount of sportwear that can easily go from day to night with the addition of accessories.

At Tally Ho Clothier, we offer a nice selection of women’s sportswear that will definitely be comfortable, but also stylish. Our in-store style consultants are happy to help you select one or more outfits to add to your wardrobe, so you’ll feel and look great throughout the year. Stop by and see us today!