Women’s Shoes
It’s a component of being a grown woman that is almost a cliché: women love their shoes! While it is certainly true that not all women love shoes and certainly not all women enjoy shopping for shoes, with the many options that women have available, many women like to accessorize their outfits and add style with the right pair of shoes. However, do we really need a million pairs and a closet devoted just to shoes? Let’s explore.

First, there’s nothing wrong with having a lot of shoes– let’s get that thought out the way right now! Different shoes go with different outfits and serve different purposes, so don’t feel too bad if you have more than a few pairs at your disposal. Many women’s shoes serve multiple purposes, so you can feel comfortable keeping any shoes that you wear frequently. Furthermore, women’s shoes that serve a specific purpose in weather-related conditions are also great additions to your wardrobe. Rainboots, for example, can be essential in a downpour!

While there is certainly nothing wrong with indulging in a little materialism when it comes to women’s shoes, we all can use a little decluttering in our lives every now and then! When it comes to reducing the number of shoes you own, start with pairs that you don’t wear. This might seem obvious, but sometimes we have a hard time parting with shoes! Whether they’re worn or just too uncomfortable to wear often, give your closet real estate over to shoes you wear frequently. If there’s still no room, check your shoes that are similar but not identical; try to pare down and keep the ones you wear most often!

We hope this article has been helpful for you and will enable you to wear shoes that you really love. If you ever need help pairing those shoes or want to see the women’s shoes we have here at Tally Ho Clothier, come stop by and shop with us!