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A Professional’s Guide to Cocktail Dresses
Cocktail dresses
are a staple item of clothing that every woman should own. If you are in the market for a new cocktail dress, you are in luck. In the article below, our team of professionals has outlined how to find perfect cocktail dresses. 

First, the official definition for cocktail dresses may be helpful.  A cocktail dress is defined as a dress that is suitable at semi-formal occasions (sometimes called cocktail parties).  When shopping for cocktail dresses, you want to find something that will work for a variety of different occasions and levels of formality. Let’s break down what to look for below:

  • Length:  Professional stylists recommend selecting cocktail dresses that are roughly knee-length.  This is typically a good length for a variety of different events.
  • Color: The color is totally up to you.  Pick something that you feel comfortable in. The professionals typically opt for cocktail dresses that are easy to match with, for example black or cream. 
  • Sleeve Type:  As with the color, the sleeve type of your dress is totally up to you, what you are most comfortable in, and what best suits your personal style.  Some sleeve types are bishop, bell, cap, dolman, fitted, Gibson, Juliet and three-quarter. 
  • Style: Cocktail dresses vary in style.  Consider selecting a style that best fits your body type.  Professional stylists recommend:
    • Pear shapes look best in empire waist or A-line skirts
    • Straight shapes should look for cocktail dresses with layers, wraps, or dresses with jackets
    • Round shapes look great in v-shaped necklines
    • Triangle shapes should look for asymmetrical hemlines
    • Hour-glass shapes should cocktail dresses in monotone colors