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You’re at the office or out running errands all day long, and you want to instantly change your look from daytime comfort to nighttime chic. Luckily, all it takes is a few alterations to your outfit to instantly go from day to night. For all the daytime and nighttime pieces you need for your wardrobe, make sure you stop by and visit us at Tally Ho Clothier!

8 Quick and Easy Ways to Take Any Outfit from Day to Night [infographic]

1.  Start with versatile pieces—Your daytime look should feature classic, versatile pieces that can easily be dressed up or down. For instance, things like a little black dress, jeans, and minimalistic tops can all be accessorized in an instant to complete your nighttime look.

2.  Up your earring game—During the day, you probably go conservative when it comes to your earnings. Stash some large statement earrings in your bag and swap out your daytime pair when you get ready to go out!

3.  Layer on the jewelry—Jewelry plays a big role in taking any outfit from day to night. Layer on a few necklaces or stack some bracelets on your arm to instantly add some glam to your outfit!

4.  Swap out your bag—Get rid of your roomy tote and swap it out for a glitzy handbag or clutch to make your outfit a little fancier.

5.  Throw on a statement jacket—Are your daytime outfits usually made out of basic clothing? Put on a printed, brightly colored, or embellished jacket to up your outfit game!

6.  Put on new shoes—You probably don’t strut around in stilettos all day, so to transform your daytime wear to a nighttime look, put on a fancier pair of shoes. Go for a higher heel or a strappy pair of heels.

7.  Amp up your makeup—Take a minute to touch up your makeup with a brighter, bolder lip color or some liquid eyeliner to pull together your nighttime look.

8.  Show some skin—During the day, your outfits probably don’t show a ton of skin. Take off the cardigan to show off your camisole or get creative with some safety pins to make your knee-length skirt a mini version.